[policyd-users] unlimited sender quota

Tobias J. Kreidl Tobias.Kreidl at NAU.EDU
Fri Oct 26 04:36:20 GMT 2007

I read in an archived posting (2006?) that there was supposed to be a 
change that if the maximum sender quota (which defaults to 250 MB) is set 
to zero, that it would be interpreted as there being no limit in a future 
release of policyd, instead of being set to the default value.  I tried 
this recently in policyd 1.82 and it still reverted to the default of
250 MB for the specified time interval.

For now, I've increased it to near the max. of 2.1 GB, which I think will 
be safe, but what I wanted to ask is whether or not this was still planned 
as a change or did I miss somewhere that this planned change was 


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